Trend – mixing chairs.

redchairsdifferenctchairs12different chairs13different chairs4


different chairs15

So how do you use a grouping of various chairs yet keep it from looking like your first apartment? There are several tricks of making this idea work. First, find the chairs you want to use. Next, you have to decide how to unify the chairs with either with fabric, paint or finish.
The chairs can become the supporting cast, but add interest to the room because of their various shapes.
The collection of multi colored painted chairs adds much charm indoors – you don`t need flowers or decorations.
Similar wood framed chairs with neutral fabrics can work really well.
The chairs of the same wood finish but upholstered in different color blocked colors add wow in the dining area and make it a little bit more formal.Last but not least , you can  use totally random chairs made of various materials  as long as they are similar in scale and color.


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